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Ziio Designer Jewellery Collection

Sheryl Walker is our great partner in the United Kingdom.

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Ziio produces authentic Designer Jewellery made with natural materials.

Every piece is specifically Handmade. Hands are passionately processing every single piece. Each jewel is an unique object.

Ziio ‘s woman likes to be free. Furthermore, she buys a Ziio jewel for its originality, its particular charm.
Ziio is clearly the luxury accessible to all women. She dresses in jeans and t-shirts or she goes to the Opera. She is a student, a businesswoman, a politician, an housewife, an artist.

“Ziio is as unique as any woman who wears it”

Discover new Fenice and Goiba 2019/2020 Designer Collections!

GOIABA Collection is sweet, tender and pastel coloured.

Elisabeth, the Designer loves two pastel-coloured stones: the Goiaba Collection was born, with its beautiful blue Kyanite and pink Morganite. First, Collar Necklaces are just stunning with their matching large bracelets.Very cute small necklaces are available together with Clip earrings.This Look is Feminine and Romantic, for a women who knows the qualities of kindness and love.

Styles are : Collar Necklaces and thin Necklaces, Large Bracelets, thin Bracelets, Boa Bracelets, and also Earrings with clip or pin.

Goaiba family :

FENICE is a vivid and young feeling Collection accordingly to Ziio style.

We propose three colours: Orange, Green and Blue, lovely mixed with semi-precious stones.The long sensual necklaces are, of course, already a must. In particular, they recall a very delicate and refined Egyptian style. Earrings have nice Tassels shape. Then, you can find too earrings with drops shapes in labradorite, red and green onyx. Last but not least Fenice Collection offers a beautiful choice of Boa Bracelets.

This look certainly gives an Energetic feeling and a truly Bohème spirit similarly to Ziio Brand culture.

Styles are: Long Fringed Necklaces, Long and Short Pendants, Medium Bracelets, Boa Bracelets, Small Earrings, Fringed Earrings.

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