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Discover Ziio strategy

In order to obtain a greater capillarity on the Italian territory, we have concentrated our efforts on the development of a distribution network.
We worked hard to find the right people who could understand our product and appreciate it, to present it at its best.
This strategy has so far been successful and has allowed us to open many new stores. We hope to continue along this path, in all Italian regions.

In 2020 our main objective will be to consolidate and increase our presence in Italian Jewellers.
As far as foreign countries are concerned, we have various projects.
In Spain we have a distributor, with whom we want to achieve the same capillarity.
We are also present since mid-October in the Jewellery department of the prestigious Department store Corte Ingles in Via Cerano in Madrid.

In Germany we will participate for the first time in the next Munich trade fair, “Inhorgenta”, and will try to find a business partner.

In France we are looking for a business partner as well as in the United States.

In Japan we are already represented in various boutiques, the Men’s line is eagerly awaited.

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A special review from Adrianna Soltys, photographer:

We choose  ZIIO jewels because of their beauty and high quality. Natural gemstones
are unique. we also want to be unique. the beautiful design in this jewelry is rich and easy to notice and so we wear
them proudly knowing that we will stand out.  Another important thing for us
was the fact, that ZIIO  is hand maded. We are happy to choose designs made with love by
creative people. Getting something unique and made by hand specs to our creative spirit and make us feel special.