August Sales

Discover every week a new selection.

As per our tradition, we are starting our Ziio sales!

This summer we have thought of presenting you with a different selection every week. So everyone can find their ideal piece of Jewelry, to the tune of beautiful, timeless summer songs!”

1 to 7 August
Song: ‘Summertime’ by Ella Fitzgerald

‘It’s summertime. Ziio welcomes the month of August with an amazing selection! A Ziio gem for a party by the sea, on a summer evening, where anything is possible…”

8 to 14 August
Song “L’ESTATE ADDOSSO” by Jovanotti

A plunge into the heart of summer!
Ziio’s colours evoke the fiery skies of sunsets by the sea, the cooling green of the pine forest, for a break from the scorching heat, the soft shades of pink that colour the skies at dawn.
All this magic is “summer on”!

15 to 21 August
Song:” IN THE SUMMERTIME” by Mungo Jerry

the infinite beauty of summer… a bonfire on the beach with friends, a light dress caressing skin golden from the sun, shooting stars to which we shyly confide our wishes, hoping that, in this magical season, they may come true. Zio jewellery are little stars, shining on summer nights…

22 to 28 August
Song: “UNE BELLE HISTOIRE” by Michel Fugain

The memories of summer will remain imprinted in our hearts and in our eyes. The scents, colours and emotions will warm the cold winters.
A Ziio jewel is a cuddle, which will accompany our return, pervaded by that slight melancholy, as we say goodbye to summer…

Ziio Luxury packaging