BOA Jewels Collection

BOA Jewels Collection features the iconic Ziio long bracelets.

The Boa bracelet is a long, thin bracelet that is wrapped two or three times around the wrist. It is also beautiful and original to wear as a chocker, around the neck.

Bracelet Shinju Boa Green_2
Bracelet Shinju Boa Garnet_6

Boa Shinju

Knott, Blu Note, Tethis, Tiny

Boa Pixy – Boa Goiaba

Boa Z

 Mirror & Armonia

BOA Made To Order

Originally, the first Ziio Boa was created in the 1980s. It was called the Chocker Garnet: rich, elegant and powerful. Today, the Chocker model, embellished with garnets or lapis lazuli, is available to order.

Boa Jewels Collection-Boa Bracelet and Ckocker

BOA Jewels Collection: The Chocker GRENAT Lapis – Available to order.

Ziio Jewels Collection  is the fruit of constant research and excellence in design and production. Handcrafted with Genuine Materials. We follow the EU legislation, we grant you Two years Warranty. Your Jewel is Shipped in a Deluxe Boxe.  Contact us :