Capsule ovale Musk

Musk, a Green Capsule

Capsule Musk – This limited series of iconic jewellery encapsulates the essence of wild and original nature, conveying freshness and a deep connection with the natural world. Inspired by the mystery of the moss that envelops the forests, Capsule Musk is an invitation to immerse oneself in the enchantment of the colour green. The sensation of fragrant freshness and the scent of roots come to life through the details of this collection.

Let yourself be carried away by the emotions evoked by the words of Arthur Rimbaud, a hymn to the feeling of freedom in nature.

Jewelry Set ROCK MUSK - Ziio jewels


"On blue summer evenings, I wander the paths,
stung by the wheat, trampling the soft grass,
Dreaming, I will feel its freshness at my feet.
I will let the wind bathe my bare head.
I will not speak, I will think of nothing:
But infinite love will rise in my soul,
and I will go far, far away, like a gypsy,
through nature, happy as with a woman."
- Arthur Rimbaud
Bracelet ROCK Musk - Ziio jewels
Necklace Rock Musk - Ziio Jewels

Bracelet Ovale Musk

Bracelet Ovale Musk is a large bracelet with green onyx oval stones,  black pearls,  small oval turquoises stones , freshwater pearls, silver, canadian green jade. The design OVALE is an enchanting creation from the Jardin de Paradis 2011-2012 collection.

Capsule MUSK - Bracelet Ovale large


Bracelet and Necklace Rock Musk features 8 long, fine green onyx stones in the center. On either side, two bands sparkle with small 925 silver beads. Green Bohemian glass beads frame and close the composition. In the center, blue zirconia delimit the entire length of the jewel.

The Bracelet Rock Musk is adjustable thanks to its Ziio cufflink, as well as the Necklace. Design Rock  is a re-edition of Rock from the Angel 2014-2015 collection.

Only 1 Bracelet Rock musk and 1 Necklace are available immediately.


Bracelet Fuji Musk

Bracelet Fuji Musk is a medium-sized classic Ziio bracelet. This delicate green composition features a long oval onyx centre stone.  On each sides, small green glass spheres divide the bracelet. At the top, five oval green aventurine stones and five facetted chrysoprase stones enrich the bracelet. Bracelet Fuji Musk is ajustable thanks to the Ziio cufflink.

Earrings Fuji Musk

This delicate green composition features a long oval central stone of green onyx.  At the top, under the gold-plated silver hook, a round faceted stone of grey quartz is revealed. Then, small facetted beads of green cubic zirconia sparkle the composition. Two oval green aventurine stones and three faceted chrysoprase stones finish off these handmade earrings. The Fuji Musk earrings are 7 cm long. 

The Original Fuji belongs to the Mistinguett 2015-2016 collection.