In Pink we Trust


Let’s celebrate the Pink side

“In Pink We Trust” is a project started from the desire to tell extraordinarily everyday stories from a female point of view.
Women we meet everyday can indeed reveal inspiring, moving, strong, wonderful, revolutionary realities, waiting to be discovered.

Ziio, in the days leading up to spring, which is a symbol of rebirth, wants to transmit authentic testimonies, in order to infuse feminine ans positive energy, for a 2021 dedicated to recovery and to a new start.
in order to achieve this, we interviewed and photographed a sample of women: workers, sport professionals, mothers, artists, entrepreneurs …

The protagonists of the campaign are photographed in their daily context, wearing Ziio jewels in Pink re-editions. They will tell a side of their story: a challenge overcome, an adversity faced thanks to their own strength, or by friendship and collaboration between women.


Why “Pink”?

Orecchini OIS Flamant Rose by Ziio Jewels

The pink color, usually associated with feminine qualities, is anything but a weak color. In its various shades it can express joy, creativity, femininity, euphoria, rebirth.
Pink evokes spring, flowers and has a playful and romantic streak. These are all aspects we wish to cultivate to find the joy and energy needed to face the small or large challenges that we find along our path.

Sensuality and beauty are qualities that women often feel forced to put aside. Ziio wants to highlight their importance by providing women with these “weapons” of beauty.

We want to celebrate women’s strenght through the jewels, that will become a mystic and powerful armor, that infuses positivity.

The “In Pink we Trust” stories will be published during the months of February and March on our Social feeds on Facebook ed Instagram, follow us and don’t miss the tales of our wonderful protagonists.