Mother's Day is MUM

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ziio-jewels-Bracelet Inner Light
Bracelet Inner Light
ziio-jewels-Bracelet Liberty Mum
Bracelet Liberty Mum
ziio-jewels-Bracelet Carre Mum
Bracelet Carre Mum
ziio-jewels-Earrings Rock Mum
Earrings Rock Mum

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4 Designs

Mother’sday is Mum – 


Two designs that I adore are the Carré and Inner Light 

  • The Carré  a pioneer bestseller, features a delicate, geometric pattern. 
  • On the other hand, the Inner Light bracelet is both inspired by and inspiring to behold. It elegantly wraps around your wrist, offering a gentle and unique embrace.
  • A bracelet called Liberty and  Rock Earrings.


Mother of pearl, along with freshwater pearls, plays a vital role in crafting these exquisite bracelets.