New Romance

Gorgeous bracelets

New Romance Collection.
New Romance, an historical bracelet in re-edition.
The structure of this bracelet is very complex, it is extremely delicate to make. The soft steel wires intertwine without almost stopping. A sensual bracelet, a symbol of the endless passion of life and its continuous movement.
New Romance  seduces at first glance. A work of art to wear, made in five romantic colors.

Bracelet New Romance Red
Bracelet New Romance Blu - Ziio Jewels-2
Bracelet-New-Romance-Red-Ziio-Jewels 1
Necklace New Romance Black Ziio Jewels 2
Necklace New Romance Black Ziio Jewels
New romance ind Blue Ziio Jewels
Bracelet New Romance red Ziio Jewels

New Romance Collection: Materials

Red: Brass, Cornaline, Garnet, Murano Glass Beads, Silver 925, Tourmaline.

Green: Brass, Chrysoprase, Green Corundum , Jade, Murano Glass Beads, Peridot, Silver 925, Turquoise, Water-pearl.

Blue: Amethyst, Flower Agate, Kyanite, Lapiz Lazuli, Murano Glass Beads, Silver 925.

Black: Hematite, Murano Glass Beads, Onyx, Silver 925, Spinel, Tourmaline, Water-pearl.

Topazio: Brass, Garnet, Murano Glass Beads, Onyx, Silver 925, Tourmaline.


“Ziio is unique as any woman who wears it”

Warranty 2 years