PIXEL Jewels Collection

Pixel Jewels Collection has a poetic theme. The ancient technique of mosaic has evolved through the years, in a surprising way. We can commonly find it, nowadays, on our screens. With this collection, pixels are alive, by freeing themselves from digital restrictions. They transfer onto our bodies, gaining in warmth and escaping from their purely virtual existence. Little colored tiles are mixed together, creating a tactile object of desire, a second digital skin smooth and sensual, a kind of magnetic, protective, colorful bark.

Pixel jewels collection-Ziio Jewels-

PIXEL Jewels Collection

Pixel Jewels Collection is an extraordinary palette of color. 

They are inspired by the sidewalks of Vieira Souto Avenue that border the beach of Ipanema, in Rio di Janeiro. The sidewalks of this promenade were designed by Roberto Burle Marx. They are made of mosaics of black and white Portuguese stones.

Ziio’s interpretation is definitely more colorful!

PIXEL Large Bracelets

Dimensions of the bracelets: 21.5 × 6.0 cm 

Small glass mosaics of 5mm, with rhodium-plated brass cufflink.

Pixel Jewels Collection- Ziio Jewels

Large & Medium Pixel Bracelets

PIXEL Earrings

Dimensions of the Earrings: 3 × 6 cm

Small glass mosaics of 5mm, with Silver Hooks.