Azul collection

Shinju Azul Collection

SHINJU Azul: a very rich composition of stones: Turquoise, kyanite, Apatite, Chalcedony,  Water Pearls.

  • Three bracelets: Shinju Bracelet is thin with a beautiful asymmetrical design. Bracelet Shinju Liberty is a wide and stylish manchette while the Boa is also wearable as a Chocker.
  • Three types of Necklace: The Shinju Necklace, the Small Pendant Shinju, and the pendant Shinju Long with 2 elements.
  • Two pairs of earrings: Shinju and Shinju Comet.
Bracelet Shinju Azul Boa - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet Shinju Azul Boa as a choker - Ziio Jewels
Necklace Shinju Azul - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet Liberty Shinju Azul - Ziio Jewels
Pendant Shinju Azul - Ziio Jewels

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