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Shinju Garnet Collection

Shinju Garnet Collection brings together many stones with warm tones. The bright and intense hues of garnet gradually become softer and more delicate, drifting towards orange and soft yellow.

The strength of garnet  explodes,  with its imperious and elegant ruby red color. Carnelian and agate are warm touches of orange. Small stones of pyrite and black onyx break up the colour balance, creating dynamism to the whole. Finally, amber and citrine, with their warm, enveloping golden colour, close the colour gradation.


– Three Bracelets: Shinju Bracelet is thin with a beautiful asymmetrical design. Bracelet Shinju Liberty is a wide and stylish manchette while the Boa is also wearable as a Chocker.

-Shinju collection has three types of Necklaces: The Shinju Necklace, the Small Pendant Shinju, and the pendant Shinju Long with 2 elements.

-We have created three pairs of Earrings: Shinju and Shinju small and Shinju Comet.

Pendant Shinju Long Garnet
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Pendant Shinju Garnet_2

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