TWILIGHT Jewels Collection

Twilight Jewels Collection inspiration:  

There is a moment between day and night that lasts
only an instant, yet is eternal…

Twilight jewels collection -Armonia Viola - Twilight Ziio Jewels Collections

Twilight Jewels Collection is born from light, and inspired during the last rays of the sun.


Light and shadow are finally in perfect balance.

Shadows and reflections chase each other in sophisticated pursuit, animated by flashes that penetrate every stone, only to dissolve into four exclusive shades. Green, blu, red and violet give birth to a moving sunset, before the night falls.

Each stone is hand cut, in simplicity and the facets enhance the dual reflections of the Zirconia, freeing all of its alluring brilliance.
The deep blackness of the tourmaline lays in contrast, drawing clear contours for every design.