Ziio Celebrate Women Day
Ziio Celebrate Women Day


Women's mouth

A woman is the very essence of life, an uninterrupted poem of courage and determination. She is the architect of dreams, a tireless leader and an inexhaustible source of compassion. On this special day, we pause to recognise not only monumental achievements, but also the daily battles faced with grace and fortitude.

Each woman is like a unique star in the vast sky, contributing her singular light to illuminate the paths they travel. Whether as a mother, daughter, sister, friend or colleague, they fulfil multifaceted roles with an elegance that is truly extraordinary. Today is the day to express our gratitude for the beauty she brings to the world, the courage she displays in the face of challenges and the wisdom she generously shares.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we renew our commitment to creating a world where all women can flourish, where their talents are recognised and valued, and where the barriers that still persist are broken down in the face of equality. Every step towards this goal is a shared victory, an achievement that brings us closer to a fairer and more inclusive society.

Women's month

Be part of Women Month at Ziio

As we celebrate the wonderful occasion of 8 March,  let’s get closer and discover together what it means to be a woman.

Here i’d like to explore with you all the aspects that make you love being a woman.  What you would like to share about femininity ? You can also evoke a woman who has marked you.

Join us in narrating the collective journey of womanhood on Ziio’s Instagram. Take part in our upcoming event to share your insights and experiences. This isn’t just an invite, it’s a chance to influence and inspire. Make your mark.

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How do I send my answers?

I ask you to do this in whatever way you feel most comfortable. You can make a short video with your answer, you can also leave a voice message or write a text.

Send your answers to us via our INSTAGRAM and wait to be one of the highlights of women’s month at Ziio.

I look forward to your participation in this very special month,

Elisabeth Paradon


Ziio Special Discount For Women

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Gifts for women's day Ziio
Gifts for women's day Ziio