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ziio handmade designer jewelry


MUM Jewels for Mother Day , 12 May

A Special Edition of 4 Jewels   ✨

Ziio Handmade

Our Soul

Ziio Designer Handmade Jewelry, based in Italy for 28 years now, produces unique jewelry collections with luxury handcrafted realization.

Ziio Jewels - Handmade

Ziio Design

Passion for Genuine Materials

Ziio Designer Handmade Jewelry’s mixture of colors and great variety of stones gives the brand an unmistakable and timeless style.

ziio handmade designer jewelry

Ziio Divine

Loyalty Program

In our realm of exquisite handmade jewelry, we understand the divine standards you hold!

Ziio Delivery Duty Paid

DDP, what does it means ?

Ziio Covers Duty and import taxes in your country. Discover under what condition

Our Values

Ziio Designer Handmade Jewelry – You are acquiring an exclusive, signature jewel from the Ziio design house. Elisabeth Paradon established Ziio Jewels in Milan during the 1990s and her designs are as adored today as they were when originally launched.

⦿  Original ZiioⓇ Design

⦿  Always Quality Handmade

⦿  Genuine Materials & Italian Silver

Elisabeth’s values are inherent through each of her pieces – Originality & Quality are the cornerstone of a Ziio design.  The collections are as exclusive as they are limited. Each jewel is unique, each piece is carefully handcrafted with rare gemstones and silver. For more than 30 years, Ziio has worked closely with artisans and master craftspeople sourcing the best.

Ziio handmade designer jewelry

Packaging Ziio

Ziio designer handmade jewelry is committed to not only creating stunning jewelry pieces, but also providing an exceptional unboxing experience for our customers. Every Ziio Jewels purchase comes with a beautifully crafted luxury box, sealed with our signature logo in wax.

We guarantee your piece for 2 years.  Welcome to Ziio Handmade Jewelry : we are proud to share our passion with you!

Ziio handmade designer jewelry


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