Delivery Duty Paid by Ziio Jewels

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What Does Delivered Duty Paid Mean?

Delivered Duty Paid by Ziio  means that the ✈️ sender of a 🎁 package pays 💰 any import duties and taxes 👮🏼‍♂️, instead of you paying them 🥳 (which is usually the standard case).Import duties or costs are indirect taxes on goods that are imported into a country.

What are the Characteristics of DDP?

  • The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the agreed destination.

  • The seller bears the responsibility for customs clearance, taxes, customs duties.

  • The advantage of DDP is that you have immediate access to the shipment without having to pay anything more for it.

Ziio DDP

Under what conditions does Ziio make me eligible for DDP shipping?

Delivered Duty Paid, or DDP ,means that the import taxes in your country are at our charge.

  • From a minimum spend of 250€ , we will ship DDP, to the following countries:
    Uk, Usa, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, Australia. 
Ziio DDP Speed delivery
Ziio DDP Speed delivery

Your parcel doesn’t wait at custom.You don’t need to pay any extra.

Shipping costs are Cheaper with DDP


If you need more informations, if your country is not listed in DDP country , do not hesitate to contact us at or call Whatsapp Number : +39 378 301 6314

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