ZIIO February stone is Amethyst

Ziio has chosen Amethyst as its February Stone of the Month.

Special prices until 28 February.

Choosing the month’s jewelry is for me like flipping through the pages of a photo album. Emotions bloom along with memories!

Prepare to be dazzled by the royal charm of amethyst! This gemstone’s purple power is legendary for elevating your fashion game to the next level.


Amethyst, known as the quintessential royal stone, is a prominent feature in Ziio’s beautiful  Bracelets Amore, which boast an arabesque design that symbolizes infinite love.

Bracelets Amore Original  449€  368€

& Amore Infinito Original. 699  573€


Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, amethyst is like a magic wand that leaves a trail of elegance and sophistication wherever you go.

Ziio-Necklace BEAUTE detail


Another stunning piece is the Beauté Necklace, crafted with stones in exquisite colors. The necklace features a central strip of Lapis Lazuli stones, enveloped by the purple hues of amethyst and the deep red tones of garnets. Purple, as a color that lies between blue and red, represents mystery and complexity, adding depth to the emotions conveyed in the verses.

925€  758€


But wait, there’s more! Amethyst’s breathtaking shades can flirt with other gems, creating a match made in heaven that suits any style, from traditional to trendy.


Throughout history, purple has been associated with royalty, with queens, empresses, and noble women embracing this regal color.

Bracelet VENUS   329€  269€

Bracelet Venus Amethyst

Ancient Greeks believed that Bacchus, the god of wine, gave amethyst its ability to protect against drunkenness, hence its name “not drunk” in Greek. 


Bracelet Goutte Violet. I love this mix of colors, vibrant, blue violet and red with an elegant central silver Ziio logo. A splash of energy ! 129€  105€

Earrings Goutte feature a beautiful faceted amethyst stone in the center . 119€  97€

Handmade Earrings GOUTTE Violet

And here’s the secret sauce: gifting amethyst jewellery is more than just sending a fancy trinket. It’s a thoughtful nod to the spiritual, historical, and cultural significance of this gemstone, making your present a heartfelt and unique keepsake.


“BRIO” definition:
From Spanish.brío, which is from Cel. brīgo “strength.”
– Vivacity, cheerfulness of spirit, arising from a sense of well-being and optimism and revealed in deeds and words. By extension, of style, speeches and generally of things that show spirit and liveliness.
Turquoise with amethyst, as rejuvenating as a glass of wine enjoyed by the sea on a long Mediterranean summer evening. Necklace Brio  222€  177€ and   Bracelet Brio 242€  199€

Necklace BRIO Turchese Ziio Jewels

Collaboration: Designed together with my friend Ivan Perini.

The inspiration of a legend: ODISSEA The Necklace ODISSEY explores ancient and classical Mediterranean roots. Life is an initiatory journey.  Necklace ODISSEA is convertible into a necklace and bracelet. Necklace Odyssey:  550€  451€

New Ziio Necklace Odyssey
IP - Handmade Pendant (Pendente) KNOTT Rainbow

Knott Rainbow Pendant with Earrings.  I love this special blend of such different and extraordinary materials. A testimony to strength and power.

Amethyst was also thought to have protective properties against negative energy and enhance mental clarity, all while promoting inner peace and tranquility.

New Romance Blue

The design of the New Romance Blue bracelet  390€  292€ is very complex, extremely delicate to make. The strands intertwine without almost stopping. A sensual bracelet, symbolizing the endless passion of life and its continuous movement. Pendant New Romance Blue, 199€  149€.

Bracelet New Romance Blue flat Ziio Jewels
Handmade Pendant NEW ROMANCE Blue


In the center of the Rha Bracelet, 179€  146€ a stunning amethyst is surrounded by turquoise and water pearls.
Discover the square Kyanite stones, with their wonderful cyan color, from the Greek kyanos, “deep blue”.

Handmade Bracelet RHA BLU ziio
handmade-Earrings rha blue-ziio-2

Rha blue earrings , 169€  138€ ,feature a beautiful long kyanite stone.
Above it you discover three small turquoises, an oval amethyst, and a small water pearl.

The art of Seduction.

The sinuous shapes and bold colors of the blue Seduction earrings express sensuality in a seductive embrace.
The vibrant blue hues of turquoise and lapis lazuli blend with the purple of amethyst and the light of tiny water pearls.

At the ends, The vibrant green of chrysoprase matches the elegant gray of pearl.

239€  191€

Earrings Seduction Blu Ziio Jewels 1

Shinju Azul

With the Shinju collection, Ziio’s design is reassuring and very feminine. Shinju Azul bracelet has purple color matched with amethyst. 192€  157€
Interweaving, contrasts between full and empty: simplicity combined with elegance. Earrings Shinju Azul.     199€  163€

Shinju Azul - Ziio Jewels