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The Limited Edition collection is the quintessence of Ziio’s style and creativity. The extraordinary colour palette, the result of constant attention and study of precious materials, gives each creation a fascinating design. 

As nothing is rarer than the unique, Ziio invites you to discover the first two creations of the LIMITED EDITION in vibrant colours, simply made by hand.  

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The COLLECTOR’s Choice

“A limited edition has meaning and value: each piece is numbered, the choice of stones selected means that only a few can be made.

A jewel with a unique design, made only for those few, who love and collect works of art and who will have the privilege of owning an exceptional piece of jewellery.”

Limited Edition Ziio Jewels
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When you are looking to buy a unique and exclusive piece of jewellery, a limited edition is the ideal solution.

A limited edition piece of jewellery can be a work of art that you can wear with you. As a buyer, you will have the assurance that your jewellery will be unique. In addition, a limited edition is made with high quality materials and attention to detail.

All in all, a limited edition jewel is an excellent opportunity to own a unique and exclusive piece that can be worn or collected. This jewellery can be a valuable investment for jewellery enthusiasts and collectors.

Don’t miss them, availability is limited!

Bracelet Liberty Orange Blossom

Bracelet Orange Blossom materials Ziio Jewels

Twenty bracelets were created, numbered from 1 to 20.

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Liberty bracelet Gem’s Composition:

, Garnet, Moonstone, Murano glass beads, Silver 925, Topaz, Water Pearls.

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