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New Shinju Pendants with Mokuba Ribbons 

Dear jewelry lovers and enthusiasts,

Today, I am delighted to introduce our latest creation: the new Shinju pendants with Mokuba Ribbon

A luxurious and colorful extension of our existing range is inspired by the iconic shape of the Shinju earring.

 This new creation transcends simplicity to offer a vibrant palette of seven shades, each embodying a unique universe.

A Creative Symphony

Shinju is an evolving story, a symphony of colors and textures that offers every woman a unique piece of jewelry. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the richness of world cultures, Shinju jewelry transcends the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary.

As I present these new pendants to you, I am filled with deep gratitude for each one of you who has supported us and believes in Ziio’s vision.

With all my admiration and passion,

Elisabeth Paradon

Designer and Founder of Ziio

Exceptional Materials

Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted, incorporating carefully selected pearls and semi-precious stones. 

To crown this work of art, a delightful silver logo is added, a subtle nod to Ziio’s unmatched elegance and quality

The pendant is suspended on a Mokuba velvet ribbon, whose lush texture and intense color add a final touch of sophistication and hue.


New Shinju Pendants With Mokuba Ribbon
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Shinju: A Vibrant Palette

  1. Pure Pearl: A  combination of translucent pink morganite and mother-of-pearl beads creates a sweet and comforting aesthetic.
  2. Radiant Garnet: A rich combination of red garnets that evokes the warmth and vitality of autumn.
  3. Luminous Green: The diversity of green stones, particularly aventurine and jade, symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewed energy.
  4. Multicolor: A true feast for the eyes, an eclectic mix of various stones and pearls, reflecting our love for limitless color.
  5. Regal Blue: Composed of lapis lazuli and kyanite, illuminated by white pearls, this pendant evokes the depth and intensity of life itself.
  6. Mystic Black: The timeless elegance of black onyx quartz and spinel pearls contrasts magnificently with deep garnets, embodying classicism and eternity.
  7. Lagoon Azul: The aquatic shades of amazonite and apatite come together to call forth a sense of freedom and adventure.
New Shinju Pendants Pearl With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Pearl Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Garnet With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Garnet Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Green With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Green Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Multi With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Multi Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Blu With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Blu Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Black With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Black Nastro
New Shinju Pendants Azul With Mokuba Ribbon
Pendand Shinju Azul Nastro

New Shinju Pendants : Mokuba Ribbon in five Colors.

New Shinju Pendants With Mokuba Ribbon
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