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Gioiello Ziio Ricerca

8 March 2022, a love story between Ziio and women.

Jewels & Research: The Pendant Cuore  

Research is precious By Ziio Jewels.  On International Women’s Day, Ziio has created a symbolic piece of jewelry. Linked to Pink Union, Fondazione  Humanitas Per La Ricerca , the project is dedicated to women’s health research.
The delightful Pendant CUORE is embellished with beautiful pink morganite stones, mother-of-pearl, river pearls and moon pearls.
The essence of the Heart Pendant is a tribute to the beauty of women with its exquisite design.

Cuore of Humanitas

A Special Illustration 

by Chloé Brenta

 ” An eye-catching and light-hearted illustration with an all-female infographic.
The main visual elements are the heart, a symbol of passion and love, with a Ziio touch; a woman walking smiling, a symbol of the support and strength of scientific research for women; and the word pink union, the motto of the cause. The colours are symbolic and inclusive (pink and blue) because we all are and can be members of the pink union. All to create an iconic T-shirt that is aesthetically contemporary, sweet and above all with a strong and clear message.
hip hip Pink Union!”

Discover the T shirt!

Pendant Cuore

Research is precious By Ziio Jewels The Pendant Cuore

Pendant Cuore
Morganite Jewels with Pendant Cuore - by Ziio Jewels
Morganite Pendant Cuore By Zio Jewels
Long Pendant Cuore by Ziio Jewels