Ziio for Young Women Network

Our project, named “In Pink We Trust”, is created to highlight the stories of various women and witness their strenght, beauty and courage, while they face the challenges of everyday life.

During the last year the main challenge we all faced was to fight against the global pandemic, which stopped the whole world, especially the female side.
Data speak clearly: more than 75% of new unemployed people registered in 2020 in Italy are women. 
This number reached its peak during the month of December, when the “pink share” of job loss raised to 98%.
This happens because Italian women get in average lower salaries and they occupy more precarious jobs than their male counterparts, so they’re in first line, taking the toll of this crisis.

Inspired by our protagonists, who have demonstrated the strength and the ability to stand out for courage and initiative, we decided, to celebrate 8th of March and Women’s day, to make a contribution to support these issues.
During the month of March, we will be making 10 membership fees available to Young Women Network.

Young Women Network (YWN) is the first association in Italy dedicated to networking, mentoring and empowerment of young women.

Born in 2012, the association’s purpose is to lead the way for young Italian women in the business world through the enhancement of relationships and the organization of events dedicated to the much-requested soft skills necessary for personal and work growth.

YWN brings together over 450 talented young women; the Board is made up of seven young women who, together with about 40 volunteer members, take care of the Association.

Collaboration between women is the main theme of “In Pink We Trust” project, this is why Ziio offers membership fees to the Young Women Network to ten candidates under 35, who will be selected by 15/04/2021.
The fee is valid for 12 months and includes:
– Networking with over 450 members approximately between 23-35 years old, from different fields.
– Participation in events dedicated to soft skills, two per month, excluding the month of August.
– Exclusive invitation to special initiatives and projects exclusive for Young Women Network members, including the one-to-one mentoring program “Inspiring Mentor”.
– Conventions and discounts to events organized by partner companies / associations and much more.

If you would like to get involved, do not hesitate to send your request and submit the form you will find below, and attach a presentation letter, or you could suggest someone you know to partecipate, if you think they would be perfect for this projects.
If you want to support Young Women Network, join the young women who decided to take part in this project or offer your skills for mentoring activities, please go find more about the association on their website youngwomennetwork.com

To apply for the opportunity to join the Young Women Network association, thanks to a fee offered by Ziio, please send an application through this form