Light Blue Jewels

The deep and mysterious hue of the kyanite stone is perfect for creating unique designs.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Ziio, surrounded by the deep blue.


Ziio March stone is Kyanite 


This month, we are highlighting our jewelry featuring Kyanite Stone.

We have included additional points to the standard reward system. As usual,  every 1 € spent equals 1 point, with extra points available as well. 






Dorée Blu

The Dorée Blu collection stands out as an excellent illustration, showcasing large oval kyanite beads and symbolic designs. The centerpiece of the Dorée necklace and bracelet features a Papyrus, a mythical flower from Ancient Egypt. This collection elegantly blends Lapis Lazuli, freshwater pearls, Kyanite with Gold plated brass Brass  beads.

Necklace Doree BLU Ziio Jewels Boboli Garden Firenze - detail
Necklace Dorée BLU - Boboli Garden Firenze
 416 Pts + 416 Pts
 338 Pts +338 Pts
Bracelet -DOREE-Blu Small
 239 Pts+ 191 Pts
Earrings ROCK Kyanite
 143 Pts + 70 Pts

Iconic Bracelets

Miro, New Romance, Fenice, Snake. 

Ziio’s handcrafted bracelets, globally acclaimed, are a celebration of unique craftsmanship. The exceptional artistry in each intricately designed piece is what differentiates Ziio. The captivating deep blue hue of the kyanite stone brings a distinctive charm to these bracelets. Keen on adding a masterpiece to your jewelry collection? Ziio’s handmade bracelets are worth your consideration.

Br MIRO - Parco di Boboli - Firenze - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet MIRO - Parco di Boboli - Firenze - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet New Romance Blue Ziio Jewels
Bracelet New Romance Blue
390 Pts + 390 Pts
Bracelet Miro - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet Miro
413 Pts + 413 Pts
Bracelet FENICE Blu
Bracelet FENICE Blu
 234 Pts + 187 Pts
Bracelet SNAKE Rainbow - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet SNAKE Rainbow
249 Pts + 199 Pts
Bracelet Shinju Large Multi
Bracelet Shinju Large Multi
419 Pts + 419 Pts
bracelet-shinju-large-azul ziio-jewels
Bracelet Shinju Large Azul
 387 Pts+ 387 Pts
Handmade Bracelet Knot lilla 3
Bracelet Knot Lilla
 197 Pts+ 158 Pts
Bracelet Tabiz Blu Ziio Jewels
Bracelet Tabiz Blu
223 Pts + 178 Pts

Historical Cici

 Assymetrical Multicolor Design

The Cici bracelet was born from the mind of Elisabeth’s daughter: Camille.

 Her design exudes richness and strength, mirroring her deep enthusiasm for the diverse and colorful world. The bracelet’s success paved the way for a mini collection, further expanding to include charming necklaces and earrings.

Necklace Cici
Necklace Cici
 629 Pts + 629 Pts
Bracelet Cici Multi Hydro
Bracelet Cici Multi Hydro
 413 Pts + 413 Pts
Earrings Cici Multi - Ziio Jewels
Earrings Cici Multi
 189 Pts + 151 Pts

Classical Shinju 

 Assymetrical Multicolor Design

We are excited to introduce the kyanite stone, a noteworthy star stone in the Shinju Blue collection. Shinju style is an elegant blend of class and sophistication, the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Express your individuality, taste and impeccable style with Shinju Blue.

Bracelet Shinju Blu
Ziio jewels illustration Necklace Shinju Blu
Necklace Shinju Blu illustration
Necklace Shinju Blu
259 Pts + 207 Pts
Earrings Shinju Blu
 199 Pts + 159 Pts
Bracelet Shinju Blu
189 Pts  + 151 Pts
Bracelet Shinju Liberty Blu
299 Pts  + 239 Pts
Bracelet Boa Shinju Blu
189 Pts  + 151 Pts
Earrings Shinju Comet Bu
159 Pts  + 80 Pts
pendant shinju blu by Ziio Jewels
Pendant Shinju Comet Blu
 199 Pts + 159 Pts
Pendant Shinju Long Blu
 239 Pts + 191 Pts

More Jewels 

 Differents Design

In the domain of design, versatility reigns supreme, marked by the distinctive allure of Oasis and the singular grace of Rha. Each creation carries its own appeal and persona, setting it apartl. 

The explicit focus on craftsmanship stands as a guarantee of quality, sending a profound message to your loved ones.

Bracelet Shinju Azul Boa - Ziio Jewels
Bracelet Shinju Azul Boa
179 Pts  + 90 Pts
Necklace Cleopatra Pastel
1290 Pts  + 1290 Pts
handmade-Earrings rha blue-ziio-2
169 Pts  + 85 Pts
Bracelet Rha Blu
179 Pts  + 90 Pts
Earrings Oasis Med Kyanite
113 Pts  + 57 Pts
Necklace Oasis Blu Kyanite Long
Necklace Oasis Blu Kyanite Long
228 Pts  + 182 Pts
Necklace Oasis Blu Kyanite Sm
170 Pts  + 85 Pts
Handmade Earrings BEE Kyanite Blue
Earrings Bee Blu
122 Pts  + 61 Pts