Moghul, the new fascinating Collection.

The new Mughal, or Moghul 2020/21 collection imagined by Elisabeth Paradon celebrates a free and determined woman. Inspired by architecture from the Mughal era, the sensual shapes contrast with the timeless strength of white and black.

Green is a strong accent color used throughout. Elisabeth’s love for nature and sustainable environment is another emblematic message. As a modern warrior, this strong woman wears Ziio as a mystical and powerful shield to spread positive values. 

"An ornament as an armour,
  an armour of beauty."

This collection is testimony to the art of Elisabeth to link different cultures, with her unstoppable creativity.

Photography by Caterina Lazzaroni. Milano

Discover Ziio’s magical world and find out which jewel is your favorite! 

Black & White Classic

Modern Warrior

Green Mood

Onyx & Malachite

Pearls? Relax!

White Pearls

Pink Power

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Evolution is an attitude

Bracelet Evolution Silver