Ziio Pixel Digital Collection

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Ziio Pixel

 Ziio Pixel a Digital Collection 

Wide, medium, thin bracelets and earrings: there are a total of 26 jewels available: a truly inventive collection.
We invite you to discover Ziio Pixel collection of very special bracelets and earrings. The PIXEL Collection created in 2016, stands out from the other Ziio’s  collections: made with tiny glass tiles , Elisabeth has created a weave of glass tesserae, patiently elaborated strictly by hand.

“The thousand-year-old mosaic technique has evolved in a surprising way, colonizing the digital world. With this collection, pixels are transferred onto bodies. They acquire warmth and movement. The coloured tesserae mixed together form a second skin that is smooth and sensual, desirable and colorful”.

 Ziio PIXEL, la Collezione Digitale 

Bracciali larghi, medi, sottili ed orecchini: sono in tutto 26 gioielli disponibili: una collezione davvero ricca di inventiva.
Vi invitiamo a scoprire Ziio Pixel, una collezione di Bracciali ed Orecchini molto particolari. La Collezione PIXEL creata nel 2016, si distingue dalla altre collezioni Ziio: realizzata con mosaici coloratissimi, Elisabeth ha creato un intreccio di tessere di vetro, pazientemente elaborato rigorosamente a mano.

“La tecnica millenaria del mosaico si è evoluta in modo sorprendente, colonizzando il mondo digitale. Con questa collezione, i pixel si trasferiscono sui corpi. Acquisiscono calore e movimento. Le tessere colorate mescolate formano una seconda pelle liscia e sensuale, desiderabile e colorata”.

Above all, truly HANDMADE

First, every Ziio items is in fact entirely handmade with care. Second, we specifically choose and design our materials to offer a very special and precious jewel. Third, because we care about quality, your Jewel will last for years!
Original, specifically created by designer Elisabeth Paradon.
Authentic, thanks to the natural materials, especially sought after and coming from different continents.
Handmade, hands are passionately processing every single piece of jewelery for over 25 years.

Each jewel is indeed a unique object.

Ziio is surely intended for a  free woman.
First of all, she prefers a ZIIO jewel for its originality, and its particular charm.

Ziio is the luxury accessible to all women, dressed in jeans and t-shirts or dressed for Opera.

“Ziio is unique as any woman who wears it”

Warranty 2 years


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