We guarantee your Jewels for two years. Then, we can repair it for… ever!

Ziio Handmade

We are very demanding: each piece of jewelry is a handmade product. This is the legacy of many years of research and tenacity.
The recognition of our valued customers allows us to produce unique jewels that are appreciated all over the world.
The Ziio Collection is extraordinary!
It is a miracle that you contribute to make live since more than 25 years.

Ziio Repair

Dear Customer, today I want to explore our ability and capacity to give you the best service you deserve. Ziio Repair is a milestones in our company. We design and sell many pieces since more than 30 years. Our  Repair Service goes beyond the two-year warranty.

For us, a ZIIO jewel is for life. ❤️

Ziio Philosophy

The “disposable” habit is not part of our philosophy.
If you have a ZIIO jewel from a few years ago, you would like to freshen it, we do it with great pleasure.
Caring for the jewels of the past is very close to the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi (金継ぎ), or kintsukuroi (金繕い), literally gold (“kin”) and reunite, repair, reunion (“tsugi”).You don’t have to throw away what you break. The breaking of an object is no longer the end. One must try to recover, and in doing so one gains. Valorizing and healing are timeless values for us.

We Care

One of the most exciting situation is when we receive, for repair, an ancient Ziio’s bracelet or earrings sold 20 years ago, or even more. The first move of Monica is to run and show us the piece. She needs a confirmation: is it a real Ziio Jewel? Sometimes we receive some copy.  In that case, we obviously don’t repair it.  These old pieces are so unexpected, full of memories and feelings. It makes us travel in the past.The second step is to send you an estimate. We wish to offer the best service we can: it’s our duty to give a second life to your Jewel. We are proud to say that a ZIIO jewelry is for life.

Send us a photograph. We will send you an estimate. Do not hesitate contact us at: customercare@ziio.eu