Ziio cares

Health is priceless!

Ziio health procedure  ensure a safe shopping experience. This is a very serious matter, nonetheless we want to make it a little funny.We clean, dry, our jewels, then we iron the pouches with steam. We stock all our items in a clean place.Our products are done with care. It is a natural behavior for us to give the best quality. It is part of  Ziio DNA.We love beautiful products. Since always we repair all Jewels we receive from our customers.

Do you know that we have Repair Service? Have a look at the link below!

Ziio’s team care of your Vintage products: discover our repair service.

ZIIO jewelry is for life.


 Above all, truly HANDMADE

First, every Ziio items is in fact entirely handmade with care. Second, we specifically choose and design our materials to offer a very special and precious jewel. Third, because we care about quality, your Jewel will last for years!

Original, specifically created by designer Elisabeth Paradon.
Authentic, thanks to the natural materials, especially sought after and coming from different continents
Handmade, hands are passionately processing every single piece of jewelery for over 25 years.

Each jewel is indeed a unique object.

Ziio is surely intended for a free woman.
First of all, she prefers a ZIIO jewel for its originality, and its particular charm.

Ziio is the luxury accessible to all women, dressed in jeans and t-shirts or dressed for Opera.

“Ziio is unique as any woman who wears it”

Warranty 2 years

Contacts: customercare@ziio.eu 

Never hesitate to contact us!