Ziio's Stone of The Month

Earrings TABIZ Black Gancio - Necklace Giro Zirco Black - Ziio Jewels



April “Stone of the Month” is Zirconia. 

We are happy to offer a 12%  COUPON for this selection. Duration: 1-30 April.


Zirco Collection

Faceted Zirconia beads in eight different colors.

The Necklace, GIRO style

A thin row of faceted zirconia, in a golden frame of Murano glass. Silver Button

The bracelet Boa ZIRCONIA 

Wear it as a bracelet, wrapped around the wrist. And  wear this linear row of faceted cubic zirconia around your neck, like a chocker. Closing the jewelry, a lovely gold-plated brass cufflink, signed Ziio!

The Earrings Tabiz.

A delightful drop earring. In the center, a facet stone matching the color of the Zirconia. The clasp is a silver stud signed Ziio.

Stone of the month Ziio

Zirco, Tabiz Blu 

Earrings TABIZ Blu Gancio -Necklace Giro Zirco Blu - Ziio Jewels

Zirco Brown

Earrings TABIZ Brown Gancio -Necklace Giro Zirco Brown - Ziio Jewels

Zirco Green

Earrings Tabiz Green - Necklace Giro Zirco Green- Bracelet Boa Zirconia Green - ziio Jewels

Zirco Orange

Earrings Tabiz Orange - Necklace Giro Zirco Orange - Bracelet Boa Zirconia Orange - ziio Jewels

Zirco Viola

Zirco Garnet


Earrings Tabiz Garnet - Necklace Giro Zirco red - Bracelet Boa Zirconia Red - ziio Jewels

Zirco Yellow

Earrings Tabiz Yellow- Necklace Giro Zirco Yellow - Bracelet Boa Zirconia Yellow - ziio Jewels

Zirco Black

Earrings TABIZ Black Gancio - Necklace Giro Zirco Black - Ziio Jewels