A Photo Shoot by Adrianna Soltys

Ziio Jewels Photo Shoot

Editorial in “PINK WE TRUST”

 A Photo Soot by Adrianna soltys: We asked her  to fill us on what inspires her creative work as a photographer and in particular what inspired this beautiful photo shoot. Below her response.

Editorial “In pink we trust” is a story built on a contrast. We started working on this photoshoot with very feminine fashion designs by Krystian Szymczak. The scenarios are  in pink, full of romantic frills creating  a light, soft and subtle woman. That is also how we see the total pink look – so full of youth and innocent. We decided to use them in a new way and built a different story about lady in pink. The black background gave as a base for creating that look and ensured the total effect was stronger and less subtle. Accessories are the icing on the cake.
Big, elegant, and classy jewels play their  own part in this editorial – they create a woman who is not only subtle, but at the same time very confident.

We Choose Ziio

We choose ZIIO jewels because of their beauty and high quality. Natural gemstones
are unique. we also want to be unique. the beautiful design in this jewelry is rich and easy to notice and so we wear
them proudly knowing that we will stand out.  Another important thing for us
was the fact, that ZIIO is handmaded. We are happy to choose designs made with love by
creative people. Getting something uniqueand made by hand specs to our creative spirit and make us feel special.
This editorial is a story about the force of woman. Connecting Krystian Szymczak’s clothes
and ZIIO jewellery lets us create a vision of a powerful woman, aware of her own values,
tempting but also keeping the distance. Living her life on her own terms.

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