Shinju encore New colors

Shinju encore – New colors 

Shinju encore – New colors is the attractive suite of  Shinju Pearl collection.

This collection is dedicated to jewelry stores and Boutiques. For info mail to:

Shinju encore: the colorful Suite.

Shinju encore. We have carefully matched the most popular models and created three new harmonies of colors.

Multi – Because Ziio is all about color without any seasonal limits!  Its composition is extremely rich, a pure expression of the traditional Ziio aesthetic.

       Amazonite – Amber – Amethyst –  Chrysoprase – Citrine – Cornaline – Flower Agate- Garnet – Lapis Lazuli – Magnesite – Malachite – Opal -Peridot  – Turquoise – Water Pearls- Murano glass beads – Brass
Ziio jewels - Shinju MULTI
Ziio jewels - Shinju MULTI Bracelet earrings

The classical Black White with Water-pearls, Onyx, Spinel, Garnets.

Ziio jewels - Shinju BLACK portrait
Ziio jewels - Shinju BLACK

The Blue, ton sur ton, a delicate harmony of Lapis Lazuli Cyanite, Apatite, Iolite, Chalcedony stones.

Ziio jewels - Shinju BLU Parure
Ziio jewels - Shinju BLU portrait

Like a work of Art!

The freshness of Shinju through fine illustrations

The colours and shapes of Shinju are interpreted by a young artist from Brera.
Thanks to Chloe Brenta for making us dream with her beautiful drawings.

Ziio jewels illustration Necklace Shinju Blu
Shinju encore New colors Bracelet Shinju Multi - Design - Ziio Jewels
Shinju encore - New colors Earrings-Shinju-Black-design-Ziio-Jewels
Shinju encore - New colors Neklace-Shinju-Multi-Ziio-Jewels
Shinju encore New colors Ziio Jewels

Bracelets, Earrings and gorgeous Necklaces

So easy to wear, so charming!

This delicate collection introduces five pieces of jewellery in each colour shade.
Firstly, the bracelet and necklace feature the same asymmetrical pattern.
Furthermore, we have created two pairs of earrings: Shinju and Shinju Comet.
In addition, all the Shinju earrings are also available as a pendant.


In addition we want to congratulate Chloé Brenta for her beautiful illustrations.

To sum up, bravo to Caterina lazzaroni for her special shooting.