Ziio supports Pink Union

Ziio supports Pink Union, in a project designed to support the research of diseases that mainly affect women.

Pink Union is a project of Fondazione Humanitas per la Ricerca, a non-profit organization engaged in the study and treatment of diseases such as tumors, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune, neurological and osteoarticular diseases.

This important reality works in close collaboration with the Humanitas Hospital in Rozzano, theother structures of the Group in Milan, Bergamo, Castellanza, Turin, Catania, and Humanitas University, a university dedicated to life sciences, have the aim of quickly transferring the results of the researchers’ work at the patient’s bed thanks to the continuous exchange of information between the laboratory and clinical activity.

The videos were shot at the Humanitas hospital and Humanitas University in Rozzano where our protagonists, including Elisabeth Paradon, talk about their role in research, and the importance of prevention.

With these videos, we want above all to emphasize the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Whether we are talking about health or beauty, every gesture made for personal care, too often overshadowed, is of great importance. This is why we have collected testimonies of women who are different from each other, but united in the research and promotion of prevention.

Ziio is committed to supporting Pink Union, donating a contribution to the project for each jewel sold, both online and in affiliated jewelers and boutiques.

If you also want to support Pink Union, you can make a donation here.

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