Ziio Valentine Day

Happy Valentine's Day ZIIO JEWELS


We absolutely adored celebrating the magical occasion of Valentine Day by creating a delightful and intricately beautiful heart’s wreath that captured the essence of our love and affection. 

Preparation !

Navyo begins by carefully selecting fresh natural branches in various shades of green to form the base of the wreath. She then gathers aromatic leaves such as eucalyptus, save, and rosemary, intertwining them with the branches.   Her hands move with precision and grace, creating a harmonious blend of colors and scents Navyo infuses the wreath with love and care, turning it into a symbol of joy and celebration for Valentine’s Day.

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Odd Roses

The significance of odd numbers in bouquets can vary depending on the cultural background. In some cultures, the number three represents the past, present, and future, while the number seven is often associated with perfection or completeness. So, the next time you’re putting together a bouquet, consider the symbolism of odd numbers and the luck they are said to bring.

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Heart !

Navyo has been an integral part of the Ziio Jewels team for over 20 years, bringing her dedication and passion to her work every day. Her presence fills the workplace with a beautiful energy that inspires those around her, and her kindness knows no bounds. Navyo’s immense heart shines through in all that she does, making her an invaluable member of the Ziio Jewels family. Her commitment and love for her work have made a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to know her.

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Valentine wreath Ziio Jewels
Valentine wreath Ziio Jewels


Love is in the air

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Seize the chance to sprinkle some sparkle on your special someone with a shimmering piece of jewelry that mirrors your affection. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!